On May 14th, The Lenox Garden Club honored Becky Cushing-Gop who serves as The Mass Audubon Society's Director of Berkshire Wildlife Sanctuaries with a special accolade as she received the prestigious Elizabeth Abernathy Hull Award for excellence in the realm of environmental education that benefits elementary school students throughout Western Massachusetts.

The award also included a certificate of commendation and $1,000 that was donated by The Garden Club of America. Becky has been responsible for the expansion of 1,500 third, fourth and fifth grade  students in 85 classrooms in 10 school districts throughout The Berkshires as the COVID-19 pandemic was instrumental in various field trips and adventures of exploring the great outdoors as youngsters have been able to connect with nature as global environmental issues also took center stage which results in a new generation of future conservationists.

Words could not express the honor that was bestowed to Becky Cushing-Gop as she commented on the importance of receiving this coveted award:

"I am humbled and touched by this huge honor and recognition for something that involves such a team effort. Our community should be proud of what we are making possible for students in Berkshire county and make every effort to ensure it continues for decades to come"

She also reiterated how the great outdoors proves to be a true asset in educating our youth about the benefits of our natural resources here in our back yard:

"Our work with teachers and schools throughout Berkshire county is critically important in providing early childhood experiences in nature and foundational science understanding. We have only been able to expand this work because of our incredibly talented education staff team which continues to grow and the amazing network of teachers and administrators who have witnessed the positive outcomes for students year after year"

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to Becky Cushing-Gop on the recognition of her efforts to inspiring youngsters 16 and under in embracing the appreciation regarding the fragility and beauty that planet Earth has to offer on a daily basis.

If you would like to embark on your own personal journey to assist in preserving the natural heritage in the Bay State, log on to The Mass Audubon Society web site by going here. You can also become a member of The Lenox Garden Club which has been a staple to the Berkshire county community since 1911 as they offer a series of educational meetings, conferences and various ways to improve and protect the environment. More information can be obtained via their web site.

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