Our listeners from Northwestern Connecticut share the pain and shock regarding the unexpected loss of veteran WFSB-TV news anchor Denise D'Ascenzo. She was a true and solid professional in her craft whether in the on-air studio or out on the field. Denise also served as the station's health reporter who presented informative and educating stories to her audience on a daily basis.

They called her "Sweet Denise" and truly lived up to that moniker. In the few times I met her, she was kind, graceful and whether on or off camera, Denise always had that trademark smile on her face. As you know, I would head out west to the New York State Fair in Syracuse, New York and when she still anchored the late news at channel 3 , I would call her from Central NY as former colleagues always sent their best regards to "Sweet Denise" and she would always say to me "Ron, you made my day"after I conveyed these priceless messages to her as The salt city served as a key and pivotal point in her life. She graduated from SU and landed her first TV news position on News Channel 9 (which was then known as WIXT-TV).

While living in Connecticut, I always had the utmost respect for Denise D'Ascenzo as she excelled in her craft and delivered the news with a unique and original style. Berkshire county residents can also recall her talents as their cable systems received channel 3 in the late 80's and early 90's and those in the neighboring Springfield area also recall her on-air skills as Hampden county relied on WFSB as their primary CBS affiliate before Meredith Broadcasting Company issued WSHM as their CBS network station.

A recent article in Connecticut's Hartford Courant states Denise passed away due to a massive heart attack. She was 61. Channel 3 obtained this information in a statement from her family as tributes continue to pour into the TV station's newsroom and through social media. Our sincerest condolences are passed along to Denise's husband, Wayne and her daughter, Kathryn as her memory will ALWAYS remain eternal and everlasting.

You will ALWAYS be "Sweet Denise" to me and everyone who was lucky enough to experience your true accomplishments in this business. Her talent was one of a kind and will truly never be duplicated.



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