Back in May, we received word of Mark Fisher's untimely passing. He was a talented guitarist and musician whose presence lit up the stage in various venues here in the beautiful Berkshires and all across the tri-state region. One of this favorite places to perform was in neighboring Chatham, New York at The People's Pub located in the heart of downtown on route 66. Mark's mission was to display his musical savvy in a unique way that could NOT be duplicated.

We here at WSBS took some time this past Saturday to look back at how he was so loved by ALL who knew him as local musicians Aimee Van Dyne and John Hensler joined me in studio during my "Let's Talk" segment as we also spotlighted a pair of his musical efforts which included "She'll Make A Lover Out of You" and a moving ballad entitled "Angels". How ironic: Mark is putting on a GREAT show for ALL up in the skies above.

We also shared our memories of when we first met Mark and each one of us had a unique and exciting experience that morphed into a beautiful friendship. The aim of our LOCAL musicians is to entertain their audiences in the best possible way and there was no doubt Mark succeeded in this mission whenever he played his guitar to a vibrant audience.

He was also known to lend a hand and help other performers that were in his circle and his fans received complimentary copies of his CD's. That's the type of generosity he embodied and it will ALWAYS be remembered by everyone who were fortunate enough to see him on stage.

I had an immediate connection with Mark as he resided here in the Berkshires and  STILL maintained a residence in my old neighborhood of Washington Heights in New York City. We often spoke about my days in upper Manhattan and he updated me on what was happening in the ol' haunts. We also greeted each other with a symbol of the letter A (The subway line that serves that part of The Big Apple). That to me was special as it symbolized a benchmark of our friendship.

attachment-A Train

Next time I'm downstate, I dedicate my next ride on the A train to Mark as he will ALWAYS be a fixture in the Berkshires and all across the tri-state region. Rest in peace, my brother. I know your presence is here in our area at ALL TIMES!

(Photos of Mark Fisher and subway train courtesy of his Facebook page)

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