Millions of people world wide are using their narrative skills to apply the fundamentals of reading for those who are unable to pick up a book and handle the task on their own accord. Now there is a way where you can apply those skills as almost 1,500 titles are available for you to sample and there are over 87 thousand producers to choose from as your finished product is available for purchase at locations including Amazon, Audible, I tunes and I books. If you are interested to tackle this new venture, log on here to get more information

Many of us in the radio business usually venture in other projects to expand our vocal talents and abilities. Washington DC news anchor Maria Leaf is a prime example of actually taking some of her spare time from one of the nation's capital's news rooms to assist the visually impaired in this simple task that is unavailable to them. The Syracuse, New York native enjoys reading various portions of books in every genre as this is her way of "paying it forward" on a nation wide basis.

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If you are interested in volunteering your time via the Talking Book Program, we have all the information by clicking on the link here