With COVID-19 canceling many in-person events in 2020, it was difficult to celebrate the holidays the way we here in Berkshire County are used to. Sure, we were able to FaceTime with friends & loved ones and sure, there were many virtual versions of our favorite, local Berkshire County events but it definitely wasn't the same.

The good news is that a number of holiday events that we enjoy attending in the Berkshires are back in person. You'll have to social distance and wear a mask at most if not all of them but it's great to be able to have the familiarity of celebrating the holidays in person with the Berkshire community.

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One big holiday tradition that will be taking place in-person this year is the Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce's Holiday Shop, Sip, and Stroll event. The stroll will be on Saturday, Dec. 11 in Great Barrington. The festivities will cover a big chunk of Main Street as well as Railroad Street. With the exception of paying for food, every single activity at the Holiday Shop, Sip, and Stroll event is free.

There are so many activities at the stroll that it's difficult to mention them all. You'll get to meet with Santa, enjoy live windows, warm up in front of bonfires, attend the town tree lighting, listen to live music and enjoy a live fireworks display. Yes, fireworks in December. Activities will be taking place indoors and outdoors. For indoor activities, masks will be required. The Holiday Stroll gets underway on Main Street with an unofficial kickoff at 3 pm followed by the stroll clicking into full gear at 4 pm. We know that we have included only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to listing off the activities. You can check out the full event schedule below.  

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