As the Thanksgiving holiday has finally arrived, there is plenty to do here in our back yard and if you plan on getting a head start on your holiday shopping, head on over to "Marvelous" Monterey as their annual holiday market takes place this Saturday, November 30th from 10 am to 4 pm at The Monterey Community Center located on Main Road (aka route 23).

Visitors and area residents will have the opportunity to meet 7 local Berkshire county artists as they will be selling a unique array of hand made gifts as you can add a "creative spin" while you are shopping for the Christmas and Hanukkah seasons.

Knox Trail Forge blacksmith Del Martin will offer hand-constructed iron work including kitchen cutlery, hardware, candle stands and fireplace andirons.

Eleen Grenadier's works include nature-inspired tableware and her trademark leaf designs with a satin matte white speckled glaze.

Award-winning silversmith Maureen Banner will feature Cloisonne pendants and silver earrings.

There will also be an array of hand-woven baskets of rattan, home grown willow and woven wheat ornaments by Wendy Jensen.

Gail Heath will offer folk art objects including ice skates, rolling pins, saws and shovels which depict holiday scenes from New England.

Artist Sue Cain will present a unique assortment of decorative pillows in a wide range of colors designed and stitched by fine fabric.

Annie Shatis has harvested Berkshire Sting honey from hives around Monterey that is unfiltered, healthy and appetizing.

Artist Frank D'Amato recently passed away and family members will feature an assortment of greeting cards for sale that he created from paintings of scenes from Monterey.

You can also purchase a curated, written book entitled "Monterey: A Local History" which tells original stories and also features vintage photographs from the town dating back to 1847 up to it's incorporation 22 years ago.

Stop on by and check out all the original merchandise as your dollars will also stay within the friendly confines of Berkshire county. In conclusion, 4 more words: Happy Shopping and Happy Thanksgiving!

(The following information was obtained by WSBS via a press release form The Monterey Makers Holiday Market for on-air and on-line usage)





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