As the 4th of July holiday weekend approaches, here is another option to attend a outdoor family, fun friendly event throughout Berkshire county. Youngsters will be participating in The Summer Little League District Tournament which takes place between July 2nd and July 15th.

8, 9 and 10 year olds get things going as Great Barrington takes on Dalton-Hinsdale and Pittsfield National will challenge Pittsfield American. First pitch for both contests is set for this evening at 5:30 pm.

Here is the rest of the scheduled games for the upcoming week:

SATURDAY, JULY 3RD: 12 NOON: Great Barrington vs. Pittsfield National 

2pm: Dalton-Hinsdale vs. Pittsfield American

SUNDAY, JULY 4TH: Day OFF for all teams due to the Independence Day Holiday

MONDAY, JULY 5TH: 5:30 PM Great Barrington vs. Pittsfield American

TUESDAY, JULY 6TH: 5:30 PM Dalton-Hinsdale vs. Pittsfield National

The two top seeds will meet up in Great Barrington on Saturday, July 10th with 1st pitch slated for 2 pm.

Turning to the District ALL STAR Tournament featuring 10, 11 and 12 year olds in Berkshire county:

MONDAY, JULY 5TH: 5:30 PM  Adams vs Pittsfield American

TUESDAY, JULY 6TH: 5:30 PM Great Barrington vs. Pittsfield National

WEDNESDAY, JULY 7TH: 5:30 PM Pittsfield American vs. Dalton-Hinsdale

THURSDAY, JULY 8TH: 5:30 PM Great Barrington vs. Dalton-Hinsdale

FRIDAY, JULY 9TH: 5:30 PM Adams vs. Pittsfield National

SUNDAY, JULY 11TH: 12 NOON: Pittsfield American vs Great Barrington

2 PM: Pittsfield American vs Great Barrington

MONDAY, JULY 12TH: Pittsfield American vs Pittsfield National and Adams vs Great Barrington. Both games begin at 5:30 PM.

TUESDAY, JULY 13TH: 5:30 PM  Adams vs Dalton-Hinsdale

The two top seeds will meet up in Great Barrington on Thursday, July 15th with 1st pitch set for 5:30 pm.

Starting Monday, The ALL-STAR Division Tournament featuring 9, 10 and 11 year olds starts off with Pittsfield National taking on Pittsfield American. 1st pitch takes place at 5:30 PM.

The rest of this week's games include Great Barrington going up against the winner of Game One on Tuesday, July 6th, L-1 vs L-2 on Wednesday, July 7th. All games are set to begin at 5;30 PM. 

The winner of game 2 challenges the loser of game 3 on Saturday, July 10th with a noon time start and the winner of game 4 will play the loser of Game 4 (if necessary) on Sunday, July 11th beginning at 4 PM.

We will provide you with final scores when they become available, so check back often.

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