1) Grace has a pair of boys hockey skates and a pair of roller skates, both size 5 for $50 a piece....To inquire, call 413-229-2682

2) Vinnie is looking to sell an 18 inch steel chain saw, model 271 in excellent condition for only $100....Call 413-329-4438

3) Helen has an assortment of dry dog food including Science Diet, Kibbles and Bits, Purina and Nature's Recipe, free of charge....Call 413-274-5137

4) Britt still has the limited edition framed Elvis Presley gold record of his 1962 hit "Return To Sender" plus postage stamps featuring The King's likeness....Make an offer by calling 413-229-5902

5) Al is looking for an enclosed 6 X 10 or 6 X 12 inch trailer....If you can help him out, call 518-428-2618

6) Bob has 4 Michelin tires for a Jeep Grand Cherokee 225 x 75 X 16 for only $250 and a 1992 Chrysler Le Baron fully restored for only $600....To inquire, call 413-274-3867

7) Pierre is looking for a simple lap top computer with printer and is still in the hunt for classic advertising signs....Call 413-441-2239

8) Norm has a 35 inch golden colored hand puppet named "Cracker Jack" complete with a letter of authenticity....Make an offer by calling 413-854-4478....Plus, he is still looking for a working rotor to boost his TV antenna reception

9) Charlie in Mill River has a Union Crawford lime green antique wood stove with an oven and cook top circa 1900 for $1,400....Plus The History of Tyringham booklet from 1844 has been reduced to $15 and he has a copy of The 16th annual report of The Massachusetts Agricultural College in Amherst that dates back to 1879 for only $20...Give him a call at 413-329-6353

10) Steve is looking to sell a glass top L shaped computer table for only $100....Call 413-854-7269....

11) Jill still has the JBL on stage speaker deck for an I-Pod or telephone with remote control, brand new and unopened....Make an offer by calling 413-528-0263

12) Kevin has a 3 piece Craftsman stacking tool box for only $250 and he is giving away a Spectrum tanning bed for free....Call 413-528-1681

13) Robert is selling a dehumidifier for only $50....Call 413-854-8764

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