Berkshire County residents are feeling major financial pinches whether it's rent, groceries, and of course fuel. For many Berkshire County families, the sharp increase in fuel prices has put them in crisis mode. One organization located in southern Berkshires that has been assisting families who are struggling to pay their fuel bills and find affordable housing is Construct Inc.

Have You Heard of the 'Hidden Homeless' in Berkshire County? 

Construct serves homeless folks in the southern Berkshires and residents who are on the verge of becoming homeless. The waitlist continues to grow and contains people you wouldn't expect who are struggling. It could be a neighbor, a colleague, a friend, or a relative. This is something that is called the "hidden homeless" and it's happening right under our noses throughout Berkshire County.

Construct is Continuing Its Mission to Assist People Who are Struggling in the Southern Berkshires and The Organization Has a Special Event Coming Up to Support its Mission 

There's no question that Construct has assisted many local residents over the years. In order for the organization to keep that mission going, Construct needs to raise funds. One of the ways that Construct does this is through its  "Warm Up the Winter" benefit concert. The concert is a way to raise funds but it's also a vehicle to raise awareness about the financial struggles that Berkshire residents are facing. You can check out some success stories by going here. The campaign will provide direct emergency assistance for fuel, rental payments, and emergency accommodations.

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When and Where Will 'Warm Up The Winter' Be Taking Place This Year?  

Warm Up the Winter will be taking place this year on March 2nd at the Egremont Barn (more details coming soon) and there will be quite the schedule of local musicians performing live including the following:

  • The Wanda Houston Band
  • The Berkshire Children's Chorus
  • The Lucky 5
  • Billy Keane
  • Lauren Ambrose
  • and many more.

It's certainly going to be a great evening of live entertainment all while supporting southern Berkshire County residents in a time of need. For more information about "Warm Up the Winter" you can send an email to Be on the lookout for more updates soon regarding "Warm Up the Winter."

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