When it comes to Berkshire County, we think of the beautiful views, natural landscapes, the benefits that each of the four seasons bring to the table, our never ending choices of art, theatre and culture. It's no surprise when the pandemic hit, folks from the big cities migrated to our county. With plenty of open spaces and options for seclusion while not being far away from the action, the Berkshire's is a no brainer when it comes to settling down, starting a family or just getting away for a vacation or the weekend.

Another aspect that Berkshire County offers is the opportunity for celebrities to visit the area or in some cases make their home here without being hounded by the press or fans constantly coming up and asking for autographs, asking questions or just going absolutely gaga. I remember one time about 15 years ago, I was in Williamstown at a bar and I walked by Claire Dane who was visiting the area. That's how it is in the Berkshires, we treat celebrities like everyday people and respect their space, at least a number of us do.

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