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The holidays are always a wonderful time to celebrate and spend time with others especially here in Berkshire County. There are those that may not be as fortunate especially since COVID-19 took center stage. This struggle is where Berkshire County residents and organizations shine the brightest. Currently, there are a number of clothing drives taking place. In addition, local Berkshire organizations are assisting those in need of food for the holidays and on a regular basis. You also have a number of toy drives that if they're not taking place yet will be kicking into full gear soon. The point is that the Berkshire County folks come together for those in need not just during the holidays but all throughout the year.

Speaking of coming together and making local lives a little easier, Berkshire South Regional Community Center will be hosting their free 14th annual Community Thanks Supper on Tuesday, Nov. 23 as a "take out" meal at 15 Crissey Road in Great Barrington. Top chefs throughout Berkshire County will be preparing the meal. This is an opportunity to enjoy a free meal without breaking the bank or having the stress of preparing and cooking the annual feast.

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In a press release sent to WSBS from Berkshire South, Executive Director Jenise Lucy had the following to say about the Community Thanks Supper:

We will miss sharing this meal together – it’s always such a joyful occasion – but are thankful to have the support of our community to be able to continue offering this special holiday feast! We hope that it will help those who could use some extra assistance this holiday season. It’s a lovely opportunity to enjoy amazing food by some incredible local chefs!

Meal pickup will be at 1:00, 2:00, and 5:30. As an added convenience, Berkshire South is offering delivery services to those without transportation. You can get more information and reserve a pick-up time by going here.

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