We all make spelling mistakes now and again. Most of the time we are forgiven if it's not that important. However, between having technological tools to avoid spelling errors and bringing in a second pair of eyes, spelling should be perfect before putting something out there for the public to see. Isn't that right?

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Taking a look around in The Berkshires Facebook group, I came across a photo that a member shared that was jaw-dropping. The member took a picture of a new directional sign at the Brookline Village intersection in MA and the City of Worcester is misspelled. Can you believe it? Honestly, you can't make this stuff up. The folks that put this sign together should have used Grammarly...lol. Take a look at the photo below along with some of the Facebook member comments. Amazing and funny.

Here are a few of the Facebook comments for your entertainment:

-The quality control department must've had the day off

-Should of used spel cheek

- Good thing they didn’t try phonetics - no telling what it would say!

You can read all of the Facebook comments by going here.

Speaking of town/city spelling, I always wondered why sometimes you'll see Lanesborough and other times Lanesboro or New Marlborough vs, New Marlboro. Is one right and one wrong or are they both acceptable?

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