During the COVID-19 pandemic, a purchase was made by The Town of Great Barrington Affordable Trust Fund as seven and a quarter acres of land will be the future of home of The Housatonic Home Ownership Project, located on North Plain Road. Central Berkshire's Habitat For Humanity has also joined forces in helping first time home buyers attain their goal of owning a piece of "The American Dream" as 20 affordable homes will be available for residents that meet the criteria to obtain the keys and call this future residence their permanent dwelling here in south county.

Pittsfield based White Engineering Incorporated will oversee this much anticipated project as engineers will be on location next Monday (September 27th) to begin surveys on the property's topography and it's surrounding boundaries. They will also install test pits as they evaluate the site's storm water characteristics.

Central Berkshire's Habitat For Humanity Executive Director, Carolyn Valli is counting down the days for this venture to begin:

"We are excited to partner with the community and the town of Great Barrington to achieve affordable homeownership opportunities for families right here in The Berkshires. The pandemic has highlighted the need and connection between home, health, education and economic stability. We applaud the people of Great Barrington for their foresight with this project"

Affordable Housing Trust Fund Chairman Fred Clark stressed the fact that new, affordable homes are necessary as he is also looking forward to get this project kick started as it will be an economic boost to the local community.

You can receive updates regarding the progress of this project by logging on to The Housatonic Neighbor's Facebook page

Assistant Town Manager Chris Rembold reiterated funding has been provided by CPA as the town has also submitted to The Bay State's Mass Works Program which also facilitates design, engineering and permitting tasks as the actual starting date for construction is slated for sometime in 2023.

For questions regarding this exciting venture, contact Brent White at (413) 441-8011 OR e-mail:bwhite@whiteeng.com

(Some information in this article was obtained by WSBS via a press release courtesy of the Town of Great Barrington and Central Berkshire's Habitat For Humanity)


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