If I had a shot at the big prize in our Million Dollar Bracket Challenge--which I didn't--it would have disappeared late yesterday afternoon, when Loyola of Chicago beat Miami in the first round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney, ruining my perfect bracket.

And if I had a chance to win the 10 Grand for getting at least 60 of the 63 games right--which I didn't--that would have vanished last night when Alabama got by Va.Tech and somehow, Buffalo blew past Arizona, which I had picked to win in the second round too.  Who knew??

I'm in the game for fun. But if you're playing along and still have a shot at some real money, kudos & continued good luck!  And unlike other contests, ours is not "all or nothing". Remember that the Berkshire entrant who winds up with the most correct predictions can still win $500 from Pittsfield Coop Bank. Still not bad for a little brain work or just plain dumb luck.

So keep checking your progress on your Million Dollar Bracket Challenge page, which I'm sure you've already bookmarked, and enjoy the games!

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