Results of Golden Knights House League

The team of William’s Paving/Olde Village Monogramming defeated the team of Hull Oil/Wheeler & Taylor with a final score of 22-7. High Scorer’s for William’s Paving/Olde Village Monogramming include Remi Perreault who scored 10 points and Andrea Castillo added 6. For Hull Oil/Wheeler & Taylor;  Kamdyn Rivest, Stella Baden & Lily Haskins-Vaughan scored 2 points each.

The team of Sweet Tree Service/Eagle Shoe and Boot defeated the team of Baldwin’s Hardware/Monterey T-Shirts with a final score of 12-6. High Scorer’s for Sweet Tree Service Eagle Shoe and Boot include Annette Boyko, Cierra Decker, Jazayah Forte, Brooke Decker, Harmony Estrada and Alecia Curletti all scoring 2 points each. For Baldwin’s Hardware/ Monterey T-Shirts; Arabella Calautti and Jade Abderhalden scored 3 points each.

Housatonic Basketball Senior Division

Wheeler & Taylor defeated Aberdales with a final score of  65-49. High scorers for Wheeler and Taylor include Khalil Carlson with 33 points, Blake Smith scored 16 and Ben Gross added 8. For Aberdale’s; Kyle Wellencamp scored 14 points, Sebastian Guertin-Ramirez added 12 and Devon Hannivan contributed 9.

Pick Enroll defeated Cove Lanes with a final score of 64-58. For Pick Enroll;
Sam Yeung scored 18 points, Griffin McElroy added 18, Manny Brown scored 10 and Eli Burch contributed 10. For Cove Lanes; Adam Kronenberg scored 19 points, Ler Sprague added 15, Isaiah Keefner scored 6 and Evi Higgins contributed 6.

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