Bay State residents from The Berkshires to Boston, listen up! It seems like we are NOT immune to those who are looking to scam us, but you NEED to take the proper precautions to avoid being a victim. According to The Better Business Bureau, these culprits thrive on social media and there is another "phishing" scam where these low life con artists are now targeting business and individuals with accounts that are already verified. How ironic this measure was implemented to PREVENT further scams as we are continuously being harassed by these people with no morals or scruples in life.

Tero Vesalainen
Tero Vesalainen

Here is what YOU need to look for to avoid falling into this trap:

Recipients get a direct message OR e-mail which arrives to your inbox from such notable sites including Twitter OR Instagram (lucky for me, I do NOT tweet OR post photos unless it's on Facebook). The message states your account has been flagged and you would have to log on to your account to re-verify your personal information.

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DON'T fall for this as reports indicate twitter users received an alert stating any direct messages regarding their "blue verified badge" have been marked as spam and if you don't take immediate action, your account would be permanently deleted. If by chance you get this "so-called" alert, notify the site immediately and someone will assist in keeping this matter in check.

DO NOT download a form or link to begin this verification process as your mobile device laptop OR desk top could be subject to a serious case of malware and without your knowledge, personal data will fall into these scammers hands and you could be an immediate victim of identity theft.

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Here are some tips to avoid future scams via social media:

Familiarize yourself with the designated social media platform policies before actual usage takes place. Keep in mind, if you are on Twitter, they will NEVER send their customers an e-mail to request to log in any personal information once the account is established and beware of attachments as they do NOT send this type of mail out their users. If you don't recognize what was sent, delete it immediately!

Be wary of any "out of the blue" messages" particularly those that request the recipient to open attachments or click on any links that are unfamiliar to you. it is best you contact the customer service department to verify it's authenticity.

Scammers are poor spellers and can present a message featuring bad grammar and if they force immediate action, these are examples of red flags that indicate something is wrong. Again, the best action is to IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE!

You must take ALL necessary steps to protect your personal information including user names, passwords, log-in credentials as legitimate companies normally DO NOT ask for any personal info pertaining to your account.


The Better Business Bureau also welcomes customers to report any suspicious behavior by heading to their BBB Scam Tracker by going here. you can also access more ways in protecting yourself by logging on to their web site.

Again, let's re-emphasize the immortal words of the late, GREAT Michael Conrad from "Hill Street Blues": "BE CAREFUL OUT THERE". You really need to exercise that extra step of caution as being on the lookout will prove beneficial. Unfortunately, these low grade people are thriving to "phish" for future victims. DON'T let yourself fall into their web of iniquity. Common sense will help us ALL get through this cyber-space mess. this is why I truly MISS the good ol' days. Enough said!

(Some information on this article was obtained courtesy of The Better Business Bureau's web site,

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