OK, we have all seen this on the local and national news on TV and we even made mention of people trying to scam you on The Berkshire News Network. Well guess what. As I was checking my personal e-mail, I stumbled upon a so called "important" notice regarding a warning notification regarding an outstanding amount of $450 and if I don't act as soon as possible, legal charges would be pressed against me and the case would be registered in a court of law.

I personally have NOT done business with a company called Cash Advance Inc. Company as they allegedly tried to contact me by phone and I was unreachable as they assumed this is a "flat refusal" on my part and was given a "final warning" to immediately act and send them money to prevent arrest and garnished wages. I showed the e mail to my immediate supervisor and he also agreed this was a "scam" and suggested I write up a blog to calm fears for those who received similar notices.

Cash Advance Inc. Company even left me a link so I can make the so-called payment but if I acted, $450 of my hard-earned money would be gone and the action would prevent me from being liable for attorney's fees and court costs. Sage advice: DO NOT take action and alert your employer that you received an e mail of this status. Plus you can call The Better Business Bureau or log on to their web site as I contacted them and they also told me this was NOT a legitimate company. A phone call that yielded results.

In situations like this, we all need to look out for each other as illegitimate companies are trying to profit in a illegal and shifty way. DO NOT fall for this hook, line and sinker. Ask questions to anyone who you would feel is looking out for your BEST interests and say to yourself is this for real and why do they want to put a scare on me using brazen tactics like these? Answer: Because we unfortunately live in a different world, but if we band together, situations like this can be prevented although they unfortunately won't go away in the immediate future.

To sum it all up in three words: "I was lucky" because of the awareness of incidents of this stature and by taking the necessary precautions, you could also avoid falling prey to these "so-called scammers"....Two more words to close this out: "BE CAREFUL!!"

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