This story was originally published on May 12, 2020

**I meant to include this update a while back but better late than never. Harry reports to me that the vehicle was considered totaled by the insurance company but luckily the family received money from insurance to purchase a new vehicle.**

This past Mother's Day started out somewhat normal for my in-laws. My wife Amber's parents Harry and Gail along with their son Andrew visited Amber, Hannah and me on Sunday to celebrate the day especially since it was Amber's first Mother's Day as a mom. Harry, Gail and Andrew left our house at approximately 7:00 pm on Sunday evening to head back home to their house in Florida, MA

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At about 10:00 pm after Amber and I were in bed, Amber received quite an alarming and bizarre phone call from her parents. They told Amber that a bear was trapped in Harry and Gail's vehicle with all of the doors closed. He was thrashing around. Amber and I spoke with Harry and here's the story he shared with us:

It was a little after 10 pm when I heard a couple of horn blasts. I looked outside but there were no cars except mine. I then heard rumbling inside my car and the car started rocking. I yelled who ever is in my car get out. There was nothing except more thrashing. I thought maybe someone put a dog in my car as a joke, then I saw a face, it's a bear but how? I wanted to tie something to the door knob and open the door from the safety of my porch. My wife was sure I would be eaten alive by the bear. I called my neighbor who is an avid hunter for advice and he said "hold tight" he would come out and assess the situation. He drove out and parked right next to my car, reached out from his opened window and unlatched the door. The bear pushed out of the open door on a dead run for the back of the house..we estimate the size of the black bear to be around 200 lbs. The question, does the bear poop in the woods? The answer is YES and also in my car...boy does it stink.

I should note that even though there was no food in the car, the bear may have smelled the dinner that Andrew had eaten in the vehicle on the way home from our house. So there you have it. A bear found its way into their car, somehow it shut the door behind it, and the bear was literally scared_______less. For my in-laws, May 10, 2020 will be a Mother's Day to remember.

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