Even though there are a number of cannabis shops throughout Berkshire County, you still may have questions about cannabis or are new to using cannabis. You may be asking yourself, is cannabis for me? Can it really assist with my needs? Are there really benefits to using cannabis? Is cannabis safe? How much is too much? Obviously, there are many reasons why people would use cannabis as it serves a variety of purposes. If you are someone that wants to explore or have questions about cannabis for non-recreational benefits then there is a free event that you'll want to check out.

The Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce is Hosting a Cannabis for All Event

The event is a free seminar that will be taking place at the Claire Teague Senior Center which is located at 917 South Main Street in Great Barrington on Wednesday, June 29 from 5 pm - 6:30 pm. The seminar is an in-person panel discussion. If you are experiencing physical ailments or mental/emotional ailments this may be for you as the panel of experts will discuss and explain the benefits of using cannabis for these purposes.

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Who Are The Experts? Where Are They From?

The panel of experts will be representing the following cannabis locations:

  • Theory Wellness: Medical and Recreational Dispensaries
  • Calyx Berkshire Dispensary
  • The Pass Cannabis Dispensary
  • Berkshire Cannabis Connect

Just a reminder that this event is free and open to anyone aged 21 and up. For more information and to pre-register go here or call the Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce at (413) 528-4284.

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