I don't know about you but lately, I have been receiving texts about selling my home in Pittsfield. My mother and a few of my friends have received them as well. As a matter of fact, I received two texts on Wednesday, Sept. 28. Here's the first text which I received at 2 pm

Hi Jesse, Nicole here. I wanted to reach you as we are local investors looking to purchase properties in Pittsfield. Did you have a moment to discuss a potential offer?

I didn't bother responding to the text but this so-called Nicole person was persistent as I received another text from the same party on the same day. This time the text came in at 5:01 pm:

Hey. I messaged you earlier. I'd love to discuss your property in Pittsfield with you.

Again, I didn't bother responding because for one thing, I'm not interested in selling my Pittsfield home and for another, you never really know whether you're being scammed or not.

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So, Are These Text Messages Legitimate or Are They Scams? 

I did some research online and according to Orchard, these random texts could actually be legitimate because of the state of the housing market. The article states that Freddie Mac estimates a housing deficit of more than 3 million homes, making it more competitive than ever to buy a house. You could have a legitimate investor or real estate agent on the other side of the text but again you want to proceed with caution. The best thing you can do is get in touch with a real estate agent yourself instead of responding to mysterious scams this way you have control and are sure that nothing appears sketchy.

Always Protect Yourself

You can get more tips, suggestions, and what to look for regarding these random texts by going here. Doing your homework and protecting yourself is imperative.

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