How apropos to write this article on "National Fried Chicken Day" as Berkshire residents are craving this fast food staple. After all, Colonel Harland Sanders is expressing his stamp of disapproval from the heavens above as there are NO Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises to be found in our vicinity.

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The Berkshire location in Pittsfield on East Street has been padlocked since 2010 as this was the only KFC within the county. Two other tri-state region area restaurants have also shut their doors including the unique locale situated atop a hill just off route 44 in Winsted, Connecticut and in neighboring Columbia county you are also out of luck as a prime location at the heart of Warren Street has also shut down, but talks are underway to open a new KFC at Fairview Avenue in the town of Greenport. We'll keep you posted on these latest developments.

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So where do you go to get that delicious fried chicken with 11 herbs and spices (to this day, the recipe remains a secret) along with their awesome side orders as their coleslaw ROCKS. Plus, you need to include mashed potatoes and gravy plus those taste tempting biscuits. There are options, but you'll need to travel to get that fried chicken fix. Here is the list that in proximity of our listening area:


There are 2 KFC's located east of The Berkshires. One is situated in Northampton on King Street and the other is just off the Mass Pike in Ludlow on Center Street.


North country residents won't have far to go as the nearest KFC is anchored in the heart of Bennington on Northside Drive, just 18 miles from North Adams.


One location is situated in Litchfield county as you will have to head south on route 8 to Torrington and head west to Winsted Road in the city's downtown vicinity. plus, head east to route 44 in Canton (about 15 miles from Winsted) where the eatery also houses a Taco Bell for those who want Mexican food to add spice towards their fried chicken fix. A good twin bill, if you ask me.


Our Empire State listeners have to travel south to Kingston as one location is still standing at Foxhall Avenue in New York's first capital city. Upon your next trip to Albany, there are plenty of options available to serve you, The closest KFC was on Columbia Turnpike in East Greenbush, but they also recently closed their doors.

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BOTTOM LINE: Choose your closest destination and buon appetit! Don't forget to save  me a portion of that 30 piece bucket because my appetite is full throttle. As always, moderation is ALWAYS the key, but we hope to see The Colonel's logo real soon as he truly belongs in the fast-food mix within our listening area.

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