If you ruled out Chet Davis and Alyssa Caroprese, give yourself a gold star. You might remember this past summer we featured CBS 6 morning anchor Lara Bryn on our airwaves and listeners are STILL talking about her premier appearance on WSBS

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This time around, we will also bring back Julia Dunn (last time she was on with yours truly was back in 2021) as the pair will chat about being in front of the camera in the early hours and we'll catch up on what is going on with them when they are off the air.

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Both are moms to youngsters and with Halloween amongst us, we'll find out their agenda for trick-or-treating in their respective neighborhoods. Hope you all dress warm as temperatures will hover around the 50 degree mark for all the ghosts and goblins looking to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Halloween candy
Jennifer Barrow

As we all know, candy is a staple on October 31st.

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Lara will fill us in on her upcoming venture in my ol' hometown of New York City as she will embark on running the annual marathon this weekend. She will also be participating for a worthy cause and will explain why this race needs to be accomplished in her life.

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Julia will also reminisce about our dear friend, Ed O'Brien who left us back in 2015. In 2023, the chemistry between her and Lara is remarkable as he is also his stamp of approval from the skies above. We will also go in-depth on her uplifting "Positively Upstate" feature which airs every Wednesday on America's FIRST TV station.

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Lots to discuss as I don't want to give it all away. Due to their news schedule at CBS 6, Let's Talk will air at 9:30 Tuesday morning. Tune in to 860 AM, 94.1 FM, LIVE on-line, on the FREE WSBS app and via your Smart Speaker devices. This chat will ROCK!

(Photo images of Lara Bryn and Julia Dunn courtesy of www.facebook.com)

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