What can you say about Heather that hasn't been said already? She's caring, compassionate, superhuman...a true humanitarian. Heather is the Director of Emergency Management at Fairview Hospital/Berkshire Health Systems. However, when covid turned everything upside down, Heather immediately shifted roles, or I should say, added to her current role, and directed her efforts toward COVID-19 response for the hospital and community.

Heather and her team were a force of nature as they were the foundation that made it possible for the COVID-19 vaccine clinics to occur at the W.E.B. DuBois Middle School in Great Barrington on Saturdays earlier this year. I received my vaccine at the Great Barrington location, and right away I noticed that the process was smooth as silk. There wasn't any confusion, the staff was very friendly and clear. If there were questions, they took care of you immediately.

Heather recently received an award from the Berkshire Business & Professional Women organization. Without question, Heather deserves this award as she and her staff have worked tirelessly over the past year to make sure the community received their vaccinations in a comfortable environment. They're a well-oiled machine for sure.

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In late July, I was the DJ at a Fairview Hospital staff recognition party at Ventfort Hall. Heather gave accolades to the staff but it was also a way to show appreciation toward Heather for all she has done to protect our community. Fun fact, if you ever want to get Heather dancing, blast some Prince...she'll be right out to the dance floor...lol

Thank you Heather for all you do and all you have done for our community.

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