Like all throughout the country, we here in Berkshire County have been feeling the pinch as prices continue to rise on products that we need in our everyday lives. Whether it's food, gas, cleaning products, prescription drugs, etc. our wallets are taking quite the hit lately. Some of these increased costs are making it difficult for Berkshire County residents to make ends meet.

Speaking of Prescription Drugs, Have You Used the Good Rx Coupon App at Berkshire County Pharmacies? If so, What Was Your Experience Like?

I ask this question because I started using the Good Rx coupon app over the past couple of months and I have had some good experiences and one not-so-good experience. In case you're not familiar with the Good Rx app, you can download it for free from the app store and then enter the name of your medication and you'll discover that you can receive big discounts on your prescription drugs compared to what it would cost if you didn't use the Good Rx app. Even with the coupon, some pharmacies have lower prices than others in the same town or city. Obviously, you'll want to save as much money as possible so search for prices and locations before you call in your medication. If you are confused at all by how the Good Rx app works, check out the video below.

As you can see, it's all about saving as much money on your prescription drugs as possible.

Back to My Berkshire County Pharmacy Experiences When I Used the Good Rx Coupon App

As I mentioned earlier, I had a couple of good experiences and one poor one with the Good Rx app when I used it at some Berkshire County pharmacies. The three pharmacies that I used the coupon app at are located in Pittsfield. Both CVS on West Street and Walgreens in the Allendale Shopping Center accepted my Good Rx app coupons without hesitation and I was able to get the medications at the coupon price. At the CVS location, one of my medications would have cost $81.00 without the coupon app. With the coupon app, it cost me $31.58...big difference in price.  However, there's another Pittsfield pharmacy that wouldn't give me the medication at the coupon price. They did sell me the medication at a reduced price but I was told by the pharmacy that if they sold me the medication at the coupon price they wouldn't be making a profit. A bit strange and frustrating I must say.

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What Should I Do If I Have an Issue Using the Good Rx App at a Berkshire County Pharmacy? 

I don't want to bust the pharmacy by name on a public forum like this but my best advice to you is if you do have an issue getting your medication at the Good Rx coupon price, the best thing to do is step out of line and call Good Rx at (855) 268-2822 and they will speak to the pharmacist for you and get the issue cleared up, at least that is what I was told by a Good Rx representative when I called them to explain my issue. In addition, before you pick up your prescription you could call your pharmacy and make sure they accept the Good Rx coupon app, if they don't, then get your medication transferred to another pharmacy that does.


All in all my experiences worked out well with the Good Rx app and the snafu that did occur wasn't the fault of Good Rx by any means. As the late Meatloaf used to sing, two out of three ain't bad. Now you know my experience, what has been your experience using the Good Rx coupon app in Berkshire County pharmacies? Have you used it yet?

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