With Berkshire County being one of the areas in the state with a high number of increased COVID-19 cases, it would stand to reason that some towns and cities in the Berkshires would want to proceed with caution. There may not necessarily be a mask mandate or social distancing mandate per se but some Berkshire County towns and residents may choose to be a little extra safe.

Case and point, as noted in a previous article, Great Barrington's Annual Town Meeting will be taking place on Monday, June 6 at 6:00 p.m. from the parking lot of Monument Mountain Regional High School. Once again, the meeting will be set in a drive-in style format. Throughout the pandemic, Great Barrington has played it safe by taking extra precautions even when other Berkshire County towns returned to normalcy or as close to normalcy as possible. Last September, Great Barrington was one of the first Berkshire County towns to expand its mask advisory as noted here. Returning to a drive-in style format for this year's annual town meeting will help keep town residents from contracting COVID-19.

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Speaking of Great Barrington's Annual Town Meeting, There are Some Volunteer Opportunites Available

In an email that was sent to us from the Town of Great Barrington, volunteers are needed at this year's annual town meeting. If you choose to participate, some of the tasks that you'll be doing include voter check-in, distributing documents to voters as they arrive, tallying hand votes, and collecting yes/no slips for votes on secret ballot articles on the town meeting warrant. You do not have to be a Great Barrington resident to volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering, you can contact the Town Clerk's office at (413) 528-1619 ext. 2100 or email jmessina@townofgb.org and kcouch@townofgb.org

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