Whether you have family nearby in Massachusetts or they live a long distance away, chances are you most likely send them items in the mail. Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or just because, people are mailing items every single day. In these current times with online shopping through the likes of Amazon and eBay, etc. mailing items to one another is the everyday norm. I personally know some folks that do all of their holiday shopping via mail through online services, the same with purchasing groceries, clothing, and a whole host of items.

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Did you know there are certain items that the United States Postal Service does not allow to be sent via mail? Yep, There are. Whether you live in Massachusetts or somewhere else, the following items are prohibited from being sent in the mail via USPS. ( By the way, here are 5 items that cannot be put into recycling bins in Massachusetts).

Items That Can't Be Shipped Via U.S. Mail

What is the Penalty for Sending Prohibited Items in the U.S. Mail? 

Here's what can happen if you send prohibited items via U.S. mail as stated by easy ship.

If an item is prohibited, it means it is strictly not allowed to be shipped by the USPS. Service will automatically be denied if your shipment’s contents are prohibited. If you weren’t honest about the contents of your shipment and USPS finds out, they have the right to suspend or close your account.

So there you have it. Now you know what items are prohibited from being shipped via U.S. mail along with the consequences involved.

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