Almost everyday when I'm out driving around, there's always a chance that I'll be stuck behind on school bus especially when school is getting out. It can be frustrating at times when you're trying to get where you need to go, but we have to remember there is precious cargo for our future on board those buses. Plus, we were all that precious cargo once in our lifetime.

What are the school bus safety laws in Massachusetts?

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According to, there are approximately 400,000 students in Massachusetts that are transported by school buses annually. They are a relatively safe form of transportation than a typical passenger car and are associated with few injuries and deaths. School bus-related injuries are more related to pedestrians who are boarding/exiting a bus. Like being hit by passing traffic or even by the bus driver, who cannot see them in the blind spots surrounding the bus. The highest risk of injury are children ages 4-7.

So, when is it safe to pass a school bus with flashing red lights in Massachusetts?

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Technically the answer is never and is highly illegal. Where the fine for illegally passing a school bus in Massachusetts is a maximum of $250 with repeat offenders at risk of having their licenses suspended. However, according to the Massachusetts Driver's Manual the only exception to this law is if a school bus has stopped on the other side of a divided highway with a barrier in between both travel directions. In this case, you do not have to stop since school bus drivers aren't allow to disembark students over a highway barrier.

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