Jazz Vespers, presented by Zion Lutheran Church of Pittsfield, will be held on Thursday, Jan 03 at 6:00 PM. The event is free and free pizza is served at 5:30 PM. “Vespers” is the name of an evening service that has been observed in the Christian tradition for at least the last 15 centuries. Jazz Vespers presented by Zion Lutheran Church blends contemporary jazz and blues into this historic tradition.

The Jazz Vespers ensemble consists of Andy Wrba, bass; Marisa Massery, vocals; Katharine Wiencke, flute; Sturgis Cunningham, drums; and Ben Kohn, piano. There is never an admission fee or cover charge to attend Jazz Vespers. All free-will donations are used to directly support the Jazz Vespers ministry.

(information sent to WSBS from the Zion Lutheran Church of Pittsfield for online and on-air use, photo taken from this website)

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