Statistics show the recent spike in food prices has not been seen since the 1980s. There is no doubt, the cost of food has soared due to inflation and the end result is many families just can't make ends meet as their only option is to get assistance on the basic staples from their local food pantry which adds a helping hand in this catastrophic situation.


From 2021 to 2022, food prices rose about 11%, compared with 2% in previous years. Inflation played a major role, but there were other reasons too. Outbreaks of avian flu also caused the price of eggs to jump. COVID-19 brought massive disruptions to the global food supply chain, especially at meat processing plants and in food transport. Workers and drivers got sick during the pandemic. The war in Ukraine affected supplies of wheat, corn, sunflower oil, and fertilizer as these shortages were exacerbated by a drought in the United States. Let's not forget, corporate opportunism played a role in this mix as staggering grocery bills are being felt worldwide.

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According to Steve Morris, an agricultural expert with the U.S. Government Accountability Office, prices are expected to see a minimal growth in 2023 than they did in 2022, but increases are likely nonetheless, food costs typically rise about 2% but sticker shock is still existent as consumers must deal with the increases at their favorite supermarkets.

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The Department of Agriculture stated the average household spent over 10% of their income on food but fear not: Shoppers can take advantage of some perks as the supermarket flyer should serve as a valuable guide to get some much-needed savings. Plus, clip coupons because some location will double them if they don't exceed $1. (My uncle Gus was a dedicated and regular coupon cutter and always had an eye to get the best savings while at his favorite supermarket in New Jersey).


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In my youth, we used to shop at the local A & P which always provided shoppers with a plethora of savings. We also took advantage of low prices at Dan's Supreme and Shopwell (names that were a part of my youth in Washington Heights) as these two chains have closed up decades ago, but they truly offered a rewarding shopping experience. Those were the days!

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These days, Trader Joes adds eccentric decor to attract potential customers. Others celebrate their humble beginnings, like Hannaford which sells various goods sold from horse-drawn carts. Bay state residents have a trio of supermarkets to choose from as the closest to the Berkshires is located on Gilbert Street in North Brookfield, the others are situated in Waltham and Marlborough Massachusetts plus there is a Hannaford in Bennington, Vermont and you can take advantage of various locations in the capital region in neighboring New York. You can trek to Valatie as this location is situated right before the rotary on route 9 in Columbia county.

BOTTOM LINE: You need to pay attention to the deals that are provided and the end result is some extra money in your pocket. 

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