We've been spending a lot of time lately warning and informing Massachusetts residents of a number of different scams that have been occurring on a regular basis. For example, we recently discussed a very serious scam that is putting women in dangerous situations which you can read about by going here. In addition, you'll want to keep your head up and eyes open as there is a baby formula scam taking place. There's also the FedEx Email Scam that Berkshire County residents are experiencing. Case and point, I almost fell for this scam. The amount of scams going around is astounding and many of them are happening here in Massachusetts including the Berkshires. You really have to protect yourself 24/7 in this day in age.

Now There's Another Scam Going Around and Employers Including Massachusetts Employers are in the Vulnerable Position

According to a news article released by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the situation that is occurring consists of employers setting up virtual interviews with candidates. The candidate nails it in the initial interview but during follow-up interviews, the candidate appears to be off. When I say "off" I mean that the candidate's appearance has changed or all of the sudden he or she can't answer the questions or have the same type of expert knowledge they had in the first interview and things are beginning to get weird. In some cases, the candidate has already landed the job and the truth doesn't come out until that new employee exhibits behavior that shows that he or she doesn't have a clue on how to do the job.

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So, What's the Deal Here, What's Actually Happening? How Can Massachusetts Eomplyers Protect Themselves? 

Basically, the candidate is lying in their interview and is trying to con their way into a position that he or she has no business being in. This scam is easier to do nowadays since many interviews are remote/virtual. With this knowledge, there are many things employers can do to prevent themselves from hiring someone who is trying to scam their way into a position. You can find those tips by going here. There are plenty of jobs available and many folks are trying to land positions, make sure you don't get tricked into hiring a candidate who is not ideal.

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