With all that is going on in the world, it's unfortunate that we always have to be looking over our shoulders as con artists are ready to strike at any moment including here in Massachusetts.

There Has Been a Few Scams in Massachusetts as of Late Using Technology as the Main Vehicle

Usually, when we alert you of scams that are been taking place in Massachusetts and the Berkshires, we're talking about digital or phone-related activity where the person at risk gives up personal information and then suffers a loss of money,  or undergoes identity theft, credit card theft and so on. For example, we recently alerted you of the FedEx Email Scam. This scam is definitely taking place in Massachusetts as I almost fell for it but luckily did some research before following the directions that were included in the email. If you haven't seen or heard of the FedEx email scam, you can get more details by going here.

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Another scam that is also taking place that just sickens me is related to the current baby formula shortage. This is a particularly upsetting scam as it preys on the desperation of parents/guardians who are in need of formula for their little ones. If you missed that scam you can read about it by going here.

There's Another Scam Taking Place in Massachusetts Which is an In-Person Scam and it's Putting Women in Dangerous Situations

Now, there is another scam taking place that has nothing to do with phones, tablets, and/or email and several Massachusetts Police Departments are spreading awareness. This is a particularly scary scam because it deals with the con artists preying on women in-person. Here's some information about this scam that was published by Ken Pavia of the Fall River Reporter:

There have been reports of an individual seeking to disable cars being operated by young females. In these situations, the individual may let air from a tire or add a gas tank contaminant, then approach the female to offer help in the form of a battery pack, air compressor or a ride.

The article also includes a specific situation that occurred regarding this scam and you can read about that incident by going here. In addition, it is noted that if your vehicle does become disabled, you should wait in a safe place for a friend, family member, or AAA to respond. Do not get inside the vehicle. Make sure you protect yourself and report any suspicious activity to the police.

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