We all can remember back to our youth when having the privilege to drive was exciting. Do you remember sitting in those driver's ed classes? Back when I was taking the classes in Northern Berkshire County,  our class would not only learn from a live teacher and books, but I remember watching some very dated, out-of-style actors and actresses learn to drive on good old-fashioned VHS tapes. It definitely made for fun times.

My mother used to take me to empty parking lots in the Northern Berkshires to get a feel for driving and parking before I was allowed to go out into traffic. Once I did though, I felt a combination of nervousness and excitement. I remember one day when I was driving in our neighborhood, I ended up on a curb. Luckily, there wasn't any damage to the car and that was about the worst thing that happened during my learning stages thank goodness.

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One aspect of driving that I think many up-and-coming motorists dread when they're first learning to drive is perfecting parallel parking. It took me a while to get decent at it. As George from Seinfeld said, "it's all about the angles" or something to that degree.

As I was exploring some local Facebook groups I came across a question that was posted by a community member. Here's the question:

Where in the Great Barrington area have you taken/new teen drivers to learn parallel parking without getting in the way of regular folks on the road? 

That's a great question, at least I think so. I feel it's worth sharing the information with other folks that may be learning to drive for the first time in the Great Barrington area. Without fail, the community delivered by answering the question with some great locations including the following:

  • Cottage Street, Great Barrington
  • Gilmore Avenue, Great Barrington
  • Anderson Street, Great Barrington
  • Benton Avenue, Great Barrington
  • Brainard Avenue, Great Barrington
  • Castle Street, Great Barrington
  • Southern Berkshire District Court, Great Barrington
  • Main Street, Housatonic
  • The Center of Sheffield
  • Behind Big Y in Great Barrington
  • Behind Tractor Supply in Great Barrington

Those were just a few of the answers. There were others listed as well that go beyond the Great Barrington area and you can check them out by going here. If you are learning to drive in the Great Barrington area, you may want to consider this list of locations especially for practicing parallel parking. Drive safe and go get that license.

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