Lately I have seen an influx of crowds and let's not forget urban style traffic fluctuating on the streets of Great Barrington and you might say this is a good thing as things are slowly but surely returning to a sense of normalcy after a year and a half of mayhem with the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though reports are surfacing with variants regarding the virus, people continue to remain vigilant to further avoid another possible lock down which crippled us worldwide.

Town Manager Mark Pruhenski has been spending some of his time away from the office by keeping a birds eye view of the constant activity within the town confines. He is pleased with the results as more people are out and about dining out, visiting local merchants and as an added bonus, many of our favorite local performers are back to entertaining audiences after a long hiatus as the downtown area and the gazebo behind Town Hall serve as anchor spots to enjoy some LIVE music within the friendly confines of our vicinity.

Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Betsy Andrus is also pleased with the future economic outlook within her home town. Even though COVID-19 has shut down some businesses, many prospective occupants are yearning to occupy these empty spaces as this also serves as an engine to regenerate the area's economy, which is sorely needed after the shut down occurred in the spring of 2020.

Great Barrington is also seeing residents who own a second home in south county are now calling the area their permanent home base as this also serves as a plus to our community. We welcome those "new" residents as this trend is also seeing population increases in neighboring north western Connecticut and eastern New York. Tune in to YOUR Home town Station, WSBS as we will keep you informed and entertained each and every day.

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