My family and I have been playing the present game for over 25 years and it makes Christmas Day much more exciting. What is the present game? The present game consists of kicking it off with one person grabbing a present and giving it to a recipient to open. Rather than everybody opening their presents at once the entire family gets to watch each recipient open their gift. When the recipient is finished opening his or her gift, he or she gets up and grabs a present for someone else to open and so on (one person at a time).

Here are some basic rules of the "Present" game

(1) When it's your turn to grab a present, if you grab your own, you have to put it back and grab again.

(2) You can only grab one present at a time, and each recipient only opens one gift at a time.

(3) When the recipient is opening his or gift, the rest of the family should oooooh & aaaaah and make a big deal over the gift.

(4) My brother and I added this ridiculous but fun rule about 15 years ago; Every article of clothing that you receive on Christmas morning, you must wear (all at once). One time my brother was wearing 5 or 6 shirts at

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should play the present game this Christmas

(1) The family doesn't burn through opening all of their gifts in 5 minutes

(2) It's fun to see what each person receives and it's great to see the joy on his or her face.

(3) You get to spend more time together as a family.

(4) You can take in the experience of the holiday and opening gifts together while holiday music plays in the background.

(5) It's funny to see your family in numerous amounts of clothing, plus the oooohs and aaaaahs add humor too.

Bonus Reason:

Each person gets to feel special as the spotlight and attention is evenly distributed (for the most part) to everyone who is playing the game

Give the present game a try this Christmas, it's a family hit!

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