Another school shooting in the country has left people mourning the loss of loved ones, this time at a school Nashville, TN.

Unfortunately, some people think that this a good time to capitalize on terrifying others.

The following is a release from The Pittsfield Police Department:

This morning, our state law enforcement partners made us aware that several communities in Eastern Massachusetts had received similar calls reporting critical incidents at local schools.

These reports were determined to be false and are commonly referred to as “SWATTING” in which nefarious callers attempt to precipitate a swift and strong law enforcement response.

At approximately 10:40 AM, Pittsfield Police Dispatch received an anonymous report of an active shooting at Pittsfield High School. The call was immediately recognized as similar false calls received in other Massachusetts communities.

Out of an abundance of caution, PPD units responded to the school and based on the circumstances, worked with school and district staff/administration to clear the building, and ensure the legitimacy of all occupants. PPD units cleared from the school at 11:50 AM

An automated phone call was sent around 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday by Superintendent Joseph Curtis informing Pittsfield families of the situation.

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