@ GB Labs is pleased to announce their "Pandemic Poetry Project" is up and running as this program continues to bring successful results within the community with their "GB Renga Project". This project was founded over 700 years ago in Japan as a way to bring collaborative engagement with poetry as a group of individuals work together as a team of 3 poets create a stanza which is three lines long with a total of 17 syllables (5 in line one, 7 in line two and 5 in line three). this pattern alternates until the finished product is completed as writers only see the line that precedes their own

.@GB Labs Director Joe Grochmal stated: 

"I was reading my mother's Smith College Quarterly a few weeks ago and happened across a renga completed by several alumnae and facility. As soon as I read it, I knew that we would have to create and launch a GB Renga, assuming that the poetry project was well-received, of course".

 @GB Labs Fellow Meryl Phair added:

"It's one thing for a person to write a poem sharing their personal feelings and experiences. It's a different challenge and experience to contribute to a larger piece with limited context. We are very eager to see the community's creative flourish and I am pleased to be the first contributor who will launch this renga"

Interested community members cah sign up by accessing this Google Form. Afterwards, an e mail will be sent from atgblabs@gmail.com with a brief description of the project, a reminder of the guidelines and the previous renda line and within 24 hours, participants will be asked to respond with their contribution. At the completion you will receive a completed copy of the renga which will also be published on @GBLabs social media accounts.

Those involved with this creative project should take attention to detail and tackle their stanzas in a creative manner and present their freedom of expression. If you have any further questions regarding The Pandemic Poetry Project, e mail atgblabs@gmail.com

(The following information was obtained by WSBS via a press release courtesy of @GBLabs for on-air and on-line usage)


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