Every year the Watson Fund continues to do a stellar job in staying on target with its mission. As you may already know, the John S. Watson Christmas fund provides clothing and food certificates to southern Berkshire families in need during the holiday season.

With the pandemic taking center stage, 2020 and much of this year have been hard times for many people including folks in southern Berkshire County. As a matter of fact, according to a press release that was sent to us from the Watson Fund, last year the Watson Fund served a total of 1,063 people by providing 321 families with food certificates and 506 children with clothing certificates, representing an almost 40 percent increase from 2019. This doesn't come as a surprise but it demonstrates what the community can do for those in need when we all unite. We can move mountains.

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This year the Watson Fund had to raise the goal to $40,000 as the need is still prevalent. Actually, the need is increasing.

How Can I Help The Watson Fund Continue to Serve Local Southern Berkshire Folks in Need? 

There are a couple of ways you can make a donation to the Watson Fund?

  • Drop off your donation to any branch of Berkshire Bank
  • Mail to c/o Berkshire Bank, The Watson Fund 244 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230
  • Make a donation during WSBS' annual Watson Fund Radiot-hon this Monday, Dec. 6 from 7 am - 10 am. The call-in number is (413) 528-0860.

Let's help those in southern Berkshire County this holiday season. Every little bit helps and you'll be making a significant difference for our local friends, neighbors, and families this holiday season.

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