Richard Stanley, a great local businessman, a long time successful Rotarian for the Great Barrington chapter, a friend of WSBS Radio and a pillar of the community.

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In an article from The Berkshire Edge, Stanley winters in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and he is a member of Puerto Vallarta Sur, the local rotary club in that city. One member started an afterschool program for disadvantaged youth that included a sewing school. Several women taught sewing to the children, contracted with outside organizations and then sold some of the garments they had produced.

Stanley had this to say

When the pandemic hit, only a couple of months ago, masks were in extremely short supply,” Stanley explained in a brief ceremony outside Fairview Hospital. “The school offered to make masks, so I asked if they could make some and send them to the Great Barrington area.

You can read the article by going to The Berkshire Edge's website.

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