In previous posts, I've talked about and recommended some interesting Facebook groups. Some of the groups that I love in particular are the groups that are a little off the beaten path. My latest recommendation is the New England Legends group.

This group is public so you can automatically join without waiting for a review. In this group, you'll find some fascinating, weird/wild stories, photos, videos and more. By the way, New England Legends is a PBS Series that explores ghosts, monsters, and the mysteries of New England. As a matter of fact, the series featured the UFO incident that took place in the southern Berkshires back in 1969. That episode was filmed back in 2015 and some of the footage was shot at WSBS Radio in Great Barrington.

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One recent post in the group that I found interesting was a video that a member posted that features a number of big holes in some New England woods. The holes look like something that could have been straight out of the 'Blair Witch Project.'  The member's screen name is Harry Woods and below is what Harry wrote in his post:

Looking for help identifying these holes I  found a dozen of them in the woods last year, and last week found another dozen of them in the same woods. They are not "pillows and cradles" from fallen trees. They are not "perc tests" to determine potential locations for a septic system. They are all hand-dug. There's a huge Native history here. The area is labeled "Heathen" on old maps. The land was once part of a farm, established in the 1700s and all of these holes are on the land of that farm. That's all I know, and I'm open to any suggestions as to what they might be. Even if they are boring suggestions!

After watching the video, can you help Harry out? Do you have any ideas as to what these giant holes are?

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