10 year old Noah Reeb made headlines last year after the youngster displayed a sign at a recent Tampa Bay Buccaneers game that sent an optimistic message worldwide. "Tom Brady Helped Me Beat Brain Cancer". The acknowledgement was highly received by fans in the stands and ol # 12 caught a glimpse of this sign that prompted the former Patriots quarterback to give Noah his hat after The Bucs defeated "Da Bears" this past season.

Brady and his squad are now advancing to round two of the post season after they beat Philadelphia this past Sunday by a final score of 31 to 15. Their next opponent: The Los Angeles Rams as they also became a top seed in the playoff hunt as those who come out with wins are one step away from participating in Super Bowl 56 which will be played in The City of Angels.

And guess who has a front row and center seat to watch the festivities on February 13th? Noah and his family will be in attendance to watch "the big game" as Brady surprised them with a ring side view of all the action. Recently, The NFL connected the Reebs with Brady via a video conference. Here is the message Brady conveyed as his team and the league were credited with making this venture a reality:

"Earlier, you held up that sign that I helped you beat brain cancer. Well. listen, your fight, you've inspired so many people, including myself, but millions of others also. We certainly hope to be there, but I know you're going to be there. It's going to be really cool for all of us. Glad to see you're doing well. Take care man. Enjoy the tickets".

Noah's reaction shows us his excitement towards receiving this coveted honor as he tore open The Fed Ex envelope and the Super Bowl tickets were all included in the parcel. A TRUE act of kindness from a football legend is in the books as we need to see more of these moments that would make us ALL feel good in the long run.

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