Upon my return from some much needed time off, I checked my messages and found out that a local broadcasting champion passed away last weekend at the age of 70. He was a TRUE radio brother and a champion of delivering LOCAL radio to his listeners. It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this article as Marshall Miles on-air presence will be absent from our tri-state region airwaves.

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The studios are located in north western Connecticut at 67 Main Street in Sharon, I have a connection to that building as this was home base to WKZE (1020 AM) when we were playing country favorites from then and now. My tour of duty began in 1993 and ended three tears later when I embarked to the eastern part of the Constitution State to further my radio career. Double M (my personal nickname to him) took the reins in the latter part of that decade and thus Robin Hood Radio was christened and became a fixture for over three and a half decades.

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His morning program was best known as "The Breakfast Club" as he manned the airwaves for three hours every weekday alongside his co-owner, Jill Goodman and  featured a plethora of local guests either live or via telephone. His following was loyal and true. A long time fan and guest, Connecticut State Representative, Maria Horn summed it up best:

"I came to rely on Marshall’s knowledge and deep commitment to the region, and to treasure him as a friend and advisor. He was an accomplished interviewer, and could cover a lot of material in a short period, in an even-handed and direct manner. It was a privilege to be on air with him, and to continue those conversations when the mics were off. We will miss you Marshall".
Main Street magazine also paid tribute to a radio host who was dedicated in every way:
"This community has lost one of its biggest advocates and promoters. You will be sorely missed by all who knew you and listened to you every day".
He created a TRUE legacy on his commitment to keeping his audience informed and entertained every step of the way. Double M and Pat Pagano enjoyed their chats about our changeable area weather which was recapped prior to the top of each hour. He would even sneak in some music, but his closing theme resonated as his identifier upon sign-off: ELO's "Hold On Tight" (To Your Dreams).
On a personal note, Marshall was a friend, a radio brother and someone who strived on giving his audience a unique blend of programming over his airwaves. Donations to Robin Hood Radio continue to keep his mission alive as many residents, groups and organizations continue to support his goal each and every day.
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I also remember visiting "Casa Miles" numerous times since coming back west and got acquainted with his menagerie of four-legged friends. He was a TRUE animal lover and wee reminisced about the good ol' days of radio. We both worked on seperate occasions at WGHQ talking about our tours of duty in uptown Kingston, New York. Prior to that, Marshall was on their competitor, WKNY and told me about his days when he did LIVE traffic reports high atop a small aircraft alongside his air work.
Double M would also favor me with stories of his father, comedian Jackie Miles who I remember watching on "The Ed Sullivan Show" way back when. He would also post photos of his dad on stage and little did I know a friendship with his son would come to fruition years later.
We take the time to mourn Marshall's passing as he was a ONE of a kind broadcaster and his voice will be sorely missed as his programming was also recognized and featured on translators here in south county. He also worked at WSBS during the infancy of his career as he recently stopped over last year to check out the old haunts on Stockbridge Road. That was the last time we saw each other and it was memorable in nature. We messaged and spoke on the phone prior to and afterwards. Upon hearing the news about his illness, I was hoping for a recovery so he could return to what he did best. My radio brother's memory will ALWAYS remain eternal and everlasting.
(Some information obtained in this article courtesy of The Robin Hood Radio and Sharon, Connecticut  Facebook pages)
(Photo images of Marshall Miles courtesy of his Facebook page)

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