Massachusetts is second to none when it comes to vacation destinations along with everyday living. Whether it's Boston, Cape Cod, the Berkshires, and everywhere in between; Massachusetts has plenty to offer. From mountainous scenic beauty to theater, culture, an excellent educational system, a wide variety of museum options, and affordable living, Massachusetts may be your next move for family life.

You know that everyday life nowadays is very expensive but if you are looking to make the move to Massachusetts, you may want to consider the following locations as they are three of the most affordable places to live in the Bay State according to SpaceWise.

According to SpaceWise, the population of Adams is under 6,000. The median purchase price for a home in the town is $148,2000 with the median monthly rent at $628. The town's crime rate is 42% safer than Massachusetts cities and the unemployment rate sits at 5.5%

Things to do in Adams

Adams has many fun attractions including outdoor exploration. Mt. Greylock (technically located in Adams) is right there and very accessible for you to hike. In addition, you can take a walk, jog or bike the Asuwillticook Rail Trail. You can check out beautiful art and fun concerts at Mass Moca in nearby North Adams or explore the many attractions that both Williamstown and Pittsfield have to offer. Adams is a laid-back town with plenty of fun activities to keep you busy and entertained. A dip in Peck's Falls will certainly cool you off in the summer.

According to SpaceWise the City of Easthampton has a population of 16,042. The median purchase price for a home is $242,000 with a median monthly rent of $909. Easthampton is safer than 40% of Massachusetts cities and the unemployment rate sits at 5.0%

Things to do in Easthampton

According to SpaceWise, you can partake in some hiking while enjoying the open spaces Mt. Tom has to offer or opt to kayak at Nashawannuck Pond. If you are into craft beer, there is an emerging microbrewery scene in the city that will satisfy your palate for sure. Check out more ideas and attractions by going here.

According to SpaceWise the City of New Bedford has a population of 94,988. The median purchase price for a home in the city is $204,1000 with a median monthly rent of $777. New Bedford's crime rate is safer than 8% of Massachusetts cities and the city's unemployment rate sits at 6.4%

Things to do in New Bedford

New Bedford has plenty of activities for kids including beach picnics, playgrounds, historical landmarks, exploring the world's largest ship model, and more. The city is loaded with attractions and you can find out more by going here.

Any of these locations are worth exploring to see if they are fit for you and your family. They may just be right for your budget. Two other locations that are worth noting when it comes to affordable living in Massachusetts are Westfield and Spencer.  You can learn more about each location and what they have to offer by going here.

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