Without question, some of the most hardworking people during the pandemic are the staff in the healthcare field. The staff at Berkshire Health Systems put their lives, health, and safety at risk every day to make sure people are cared for during these trying times...and for that matter, anytime.  Sometimes, people may not notice all that the staff is doing but they are always there on the front line, making sure that folks here in the Berkshires and beyond are cared for. So, the team at Berkshire Health Systems deserves a bit of gratitude and a big thank you.

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Berkshire County native, actress, director, and producer Elizabeth Banks (who has been cared for at Berkshire Medical Center many times throughout her life along with many members of her family) realizes the stress and strain the staff at Berkshire Health Systems is going through to keep patients safe As a result, Banks recently shared a video message thanking the staff at Berkshire Health Systems. You can view the video below:

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