You probably have heard or have seen on Facebook by now that the Sheffield Police Department recently posted a couple of images on their Facebook page of a large pile of trash along with a snowmobile dumped on the side of Gibson Road in the town.

The quote on the Sheffield Police Department's Facebook Page reads:

"It may be spring cleaning, but dumping on the side of the road doesn't count. A disabled snowmobile and a large pile of materials were found along Giberson Rd (south). If you have any information, please contact our department."

In addition to the department's comments, there were many comments made from fellow Facebook Friends in outrage. Here are some of the comments from various folks:

- "I hope you find out who did this"

- "That's pretty sad. Hope you find who did it"

- "Check the numbers on the snowmobile"

- "Absolutely disgusting. I hope you find out who did this"

- "What's the matter with people"

- "To cheap to pay dump fees... scumbags"

- "People are so gross and lazy"

- "Come on people! Why?"

- "Don't Snowmobiles have a Vin number you could run to see who the previous owner was? That way you can get the dirt bag"

"Too bad there isn’t a piece of mail with the “culprits” name on it - and yes....I’m being polite!!"

There are many more comments including jokes, sarcasm and references to Arlo Guthrie

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You can see more comments here.