Residents of southern Berkshire County and the surrounding areas have been calling WSBS in Great Barrington and asking us why they can't hear the station. No, it's not your radio. Do not go out and buy a new radio unless you want a new radio for a different reason.

Okay, But How Come I Can't Listen to WSBS?

Over the weekend our AM transmitter (the transmitter that broadcasts music and information on 860) went out of order and resulted in broadcasting dead air (a radio programmer's worst nightmare). Our station engineer has ordered the parts needed to fix the transmitter and we are hoping to have the AM transmitter back up and running by the end of this week. If that timeline changes, we will certainly let you know (photos below).

860 AM Harris SX-2.5A Transmitter (Out of Order)

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You Aren't Out of Luck, There are Still Other Ways to Listen to WSBS

A few listeners have only ever listened to WSBS on 860AM, we certainly thank you for that and appreciate your loyalty to the station. If you still want to listen to WSBS, you can tune to 94.1 FM (the programming is exactly the same as 860). If 94.1 FM doesn't work for you, you can download the free WSBS app and take us with you wherever you go 24/7. In addition, to the free WSBS app, you can listen to us via Amazon Alexa-Enabled devices or on Google Home.

Thank you for your patience while the AM transmitter undergoes repair and thank you for your years of loyal listenership. We wouldn't be here without you and we don't take it for granted.

Note: We do have a small AM transmitter that broadcasts at 3.9 watts. That transmitter does broadcast 860 on the air during the late-night and overnight hours. So, if you want to listen to 860 during those hours you still can.  

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