In the past, we have taken a look at some work-related Massachusetts laws. For example, we covered the laws and consequences around Massachusetts employers denying employees of their lunch breaks as well as what would happen if an employee chose to skip a company-offered lunch break. As a refresher, you can check out that article by going here.

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In another article, we covered the details of employees having to pay for their own uniforms and if they would be reimbursed by their employers. More information on this particular situation can be found by going here.  Both of these laws seem pretty straight forward but then again these questions do come up from time to time which is why I thought it would be fun and informative to write about them.

Have You Ever Heard of the 3-Hour Rule in Massachusetts? 

Another workplace law or rule that you may or may not have heard of in Massachusetts is the 3-Hour Rule. Sometimes unexpected things happen at work and you have to leave or (as in our case) are asked to leave prematurely. You may be wondering, what will happen with your pay for the hours you missed. According to, the 3-Hour Rule works in a way that you will receive some pay for the day. Here's the law according to the website:

If you were scheduled to work for 3 hours or more and get sent home, your employer must pay you for at least 3 hours at least minimum wage. This does not apply to charitable organizations.

So, if you do get sent home, at least it's not a complete wash financially speaking. Has the 3-Hour Rule ever happened to you?

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