Real estate continues to be highly sought after in beautiful Berkshire County and it's no surprise. When the pandemic struck, folks were migrating from the larger crowded areas like New York City and Boston to spread out while being able to easily social distance and breath in our fine outside Berkshire County air. Whether it's Pittsfield, Great Barrington, Lenox, Lee, Williamstown, Stockbridge, Tyringham, New Marlborough, Sandisfield, Sheffield, Adams, North Adams, Lanesborough, Cheshire, Stockbridge, West Stockbridge, and everywhere in between, there's no doubt that people want to live and stay in Berkshire County.

Speaking of Berkshire County Real Estate, We Have a Breath Taking Home For You to View

One mouth-watering Berkshire County home I saw come across my inbox a couple of weeks ago is located in Pittsfield. This beautiful colonial was built in 1940 and has plenty of room. More than you can ever imagine. We're talking about 7,800 square feet to be exact and located on 21 acres. If you have multiple guests staying with you, you'll be covered as this Berkshire County home offers six (6) bedrooms along with six (6)  bathrooms.

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What About Relaxation, Leisure, and Fun? What Does This Berkshire County Home Have to Offer in Those Areas?

This home has you covered in all of those areas to the point where you won't need to In all honesty, you'll be entertained for hours competing with friends and family in the massive game room, relaxing in the home theater room as well as the four-seasons sun room. Plus, you'll be able to heat up as this Pittsfield home offers both a hot tub and sauna. In addition, you can relax and take in the stunning views as this home offers a  massive deck/patio area. Furthermore, you're close to plenty of fun activities that the Berkshires has to offer as the home is located on West Street. The asking price is $2,298,000 and is listed by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. Let's dive in and view some stunning photos.

777 West Street, Pittsfield, MA

You can check out more photos and get complete details regarding the specifics by going to Berkshire Hathway Home Services.

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