(The following information is courtesy of a story by Katie Benoit that recently aired on The Spectrum News1 cable channel based in Worcester, Massachusetts)

A former Pittsfield, Massachusetts resident recently returned to the area as he found family members that turned into a forever life-changing experience. Justin Lawson had the distinct honor of meeting his biological father, grandmother, half-brother and half-sister. This was truly a Christmas wish that came true as the heartfelt reunion took place last week in Lanesborough.

Michael Lawson reiterated that he recognized his long-lost son upon the moment he arrived at an area parking lot and the first-time embrace was never ending. His son also stated that even though they met up for the first time, it was like both men had already known each other through positive vibrations.

Justin resides in neighboring Southbridge, Massachusetts as some of his family members still live in the Pittsfield area. His new siblings are ecstatic that Justin has entered the picture as their other brother, Mikey passed away. His half-brother Brett summed it up on their newfound discovery:

"With Justin coming into our lives, it felt like a second chance of being able to have that bond with an older brother and i was eternally grateful for that"

The search proved successful after a recent text was sent to Michael from his biological aunt, Heidi Germanowski as she stated this discovery has truly filled a void and it felt like he was never absent from their minds. His half-sister, Sarah is happy she now has a new sibling that has become a permanent fixture in their family.

No doubt, there is a lot of catching up as this story strives as an example that others can be inspired to locate long lost family members.

You can view Katie's emotional story by going here Spectrum News1 Worcester is available at local cable outlets throughout the Berkshires. Log on to their web site as they also feature extensive coverage of stories in Western Massachusetts during their daily newscasts.

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