From Beth Regulbuto- Superintendent of the Southern Berkshire Regional School District

The School Committee has voted the recommended budget for the 2019-2020 school year, and the resulting proposed assessments have been sent to the member towns to be put on their warrant for the annual town meeting votes coming up in May. We have worked very hard to build a budget proposal that aligns with our Strategy for District Improvement and our School Improvement Plans, while being fiscally responsible to our member towns. This budget reflects our commitment to educational excellence and incorporates progress on our goals to reimagine middle school programming, increase rigor with changes to graduation requirements, the redesign of the program of studies to include pathways for future success in both college or career tracks, and instructional materials and textbooks. Also, there were no reductions to staffing levels recommended for the next budget year. Budget information and presentations are posted on the website for people to review. Please see the link here.

Another important item to note is the incredible work the Regional Agreement Assessment Review Committee has done led by Michele Shalaby of New Marlborough and members of all five towns’ Select Boards and Finance Committees with Chris Regan, the District’s School Business Administrator, to develop a new assessment formula that would allow each of the five towns to better budget, with less volatility from year to year. This group has worked on this for almost a year, and is ready to put their best work forward to the taxpayers for a vote at the town meetings in May.

The Community Outreach and Input subcommittee has graciously worked with myself and members of the Administration to develop a flyer that will be sent all homes in the five member towns to detail SBRSD’s budget requests and outline the proposed revisions and benefits to the new proposed assessment formula. Also, there will be informational meetings set up in the member towns for anyone who wishes to attend to hear about the new formula, and who might have questions or want clarification prior to the vote at town meeting. I will publish those dates after we return from the April break! Thank you to all who have worked on building the budget, those who have been coming together monthly from the member towns to advocate and collaborate, and the support from the School Committee, Administration, Faculty & Staff – none of this work gets down without everyone’s hard work, input, and dedication to what’s best for our students.

April Break ~ It’s here! Its spring and we are already at the well-deserved April break, and it’s a great time for everyone to rest, relax, recover, and rejuvenate before we take on the last weeks of the school year and all the end of year activities! Wishing you all a wonderful April Break filled with time for fun, family, and friends!

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