This weekend, actress Misty Rowe will check in on my WSBS Saturday Morning Chat as she will discuss her new autobiography entitled "Misty's Memories" which is scheduled for release on Sunday, December 6th. The book was authored by Scot England as readers are invited to a virtual book signing via Zoom on Wednesday, December 9th at 7 pm. You can access the link by entering the ID: 805 119 1812 and the passcode: 031911. A portion of the proceeds from this get-together will assist in raising money for The Red Barn Summer Theater.

Participants who buy the book will spend 5 minutes with Misty as you can ask questions about her memoirs and she will focus on her entertainment career during this on-line get-together. You will also be able to watch her autograph copies for those in attendance as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic prevents her from attending LIVE book signings nationwide.

The focus of her book includes memories of a summer spent in Frankfort when she was 16 years old and spotlights a lifetime friendship with Linda Gibson Benge, her first childhood friend as she spent time going to various functions and events as she chronicles some of her newfound adventures during her teenage years before entering the world of show business.

Misty is best known for being a member of "The Kornfield Friends" on the weekly syndicated series "Hee Haw" as she was fortunate to work with the show's co-hosts, the late GREAT Roy Clark and Buck Owens. Other memorable roles include guest appearances on "Happy Days" "The Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island" but we will also focus attention on her short-lived 1975 ABC series "When Things Were Rotten" where she portrayed Maid Marion alongside Dick Gautier who starred as Robin Hood. This Mel Brooks series also featured a terrific ensemble cast that graced the prime-time TV airwaves and I recommend that you include the DVD to your entertainment library as this comedy truly lives up to entertainment at it's BEST.

Misty's movie roles include "Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn" and "Goodbye, Norma Jean" where she showcased a fabulous portrayal of a movie icon, the legendary Marilyn Monroe. She also is best known for co-starring in LIVE theater presentations as her last appearance on the stage took place on March 1st, but the virus put an abrupt halt on future performances. She was approached by a publisher to begin writing about her life and months later "Misty's Memories" became official as I am also looking forward to reading about her wonderful accomplishments in life.

You are also invited to check out Misty's web site by going here

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(The following information was obtained by WSBS via an article that was featured in The Times newspaper that was written by Aaron Kennedy)

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